Hugh Guest first registered his current brand with the Tenterfield shire council in August 1957,
and has been breeding Angus cattle ever since.

His parents Doug and Bell Guest moved out of a dairy herd in the 1960’s, and commenced what was to become one of the most highly regarded Angus herds, at Dalman between Woodenbong on the far northern rivers, and Killarney Qld.

Doug and Bell sold at the annual George and Furnham special weaner sales at Casino for many years, receiving many awards and outstanding sale results.  The cattle, along with Hugh’s own herd were highly sort after, and regularly sold to a range of end-users including
Victorian feedlots.

Hazel’s heritage was also rich in Angus blood, with her grandfather Henry Standing bringing some of the very first Angus cattle into the Clarence Valley.

Brett didn’t escape the “Guest” predisposition for Angus cattle breeding. Keen from a young age he took a shine to Hugh Guest’s uncle, Hugh Mulchay from the renowned “Grimstead” herd near Urbenville.

In 1986 Hugh allowed Brett to take his pick of 5 “F” heifers that became the foundation of the Clunie Range Stud located under Mount Clunie close to the head of the Clarence river in far northern NSW very close to the Qld border town of Killarney. The Grimstead herd actually formed the foundation for several well known studs across northern NSW.

After relocating in 1992, the home base for the herd is now in the Coolatai and Wallangra districts where the herd has expanded to 1300 breeders.

The Evolution of Clunie Range Angus

Two of Hugh’s sons Brett and Scott had a huge influence on the evolution of the stud. Brett completed an Ag Science degree, and was heavily involved in live cattle and carcase research and development, feedlot management and marketing.

His various R & D and management positions have seen him involved in many areas of the beef and meat industry, and taken him all around Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, USA and Korea.

From research positions , feedlot management and innovative carcass research, Brett has developed a unique commercial understanding of what it means to be a seedstock producer, having worked in every aspect of the beef cattle market, including judging both live cattle and carcases at numerous country shows, national shows and Royal Shows.

Scott has also contributed to the stud, after graduating in Qld majoring in computer programming, commenced a career with the Australian Taxation Office eventually, holding the role as a senior programmer analyst.

Scott always maintained a strong interest in agriculture and worked for several years with Saltbush software and while there developed a thorough understanding of Breedplan, performance recording, genetics and developed a great network of industry contacts. Scott had a major role in the expansion of the Clunie Range herd and has now moved with his wife Mary-Jane to the Graman/Delungra district still assisting with the operation.


The Guest family would like to welcome Ben and his wife Kylie to its team. Ben is livestock manager of the growing operation. Ben has an impressive resume built working mainly in western Qld, and is an astute cattleman, horseman and has a great team of working dogs.



The intensive workload that accompanies a modern stud operation requires an enormous amount of dedication.

Clunie Range is very much a  family operation, with all members of the family actively involved. Hugh and Hazel live on the property “Killara”, while Brett and Kim live on “Springfield”.

Hazel cracks the whip with all areas of office management, and Kim assists in all areas of the daily farm management.  Brett and Kims daughter Morgan has become proficient in all aspects of farm work, mustering and handling cattle in the yards, and son Rohan is just learning the ropes.

Our breeding philosophy is a relatively simple one. We run our cows under strict commercial conditions. For generations there has been a big emphasis on semen testing and semen morphology testing. Combined with selecting for high fertility in the females under the tough conditions, the clunie range herd has become well known for its fertility.

This philosophy has seen generation after generation selected for their ability to maintain high levels of fertility under pressure. This has seen great results on the ground in many different environments with our bulls not only surviving but thriving in these tough conditions due to the environment that they are bred and selected in. With the use of large scale AI and ET.

Clunie Range has stamped it’s type into the marketplace, the cattle being well-known for their muscling, depth of body, structural soundness and quiet temperament. Clunie Range has sold bulls all around Australia, including many prominent stud herds.