– Integrity, Consistency and Performance –

Breeding Philosophy

A critical component for Clunie Range is that we have been able to produce consistent lines of sale bulls that have the Clunie Range type but also have extremely impressive breedplan figures.


Breeding Tools

As the Guest family have always been commercial cattle producers there is an obvious focus on those aspects. Our family were breeding Angus cattle long before they became the dominant breed or the trendy breed. We have always focused on the traditional traits that the breed has been renowned for, functional, easy doing fertile with a good temperament.

We are firm believers in technology. As with all areas of our operation we choose to use technology that clearly offers assistance to ourselves and our clients. Observant clients will have noticed that there are certain technologies that we have not adopted at Clunie Range, while some studs have used them heavily as marketing tools. We take our role as seedstock producers seriously and we have always chosen substance over hype in our breeding program.

We weigh all calves at birth, as well as 200, 400and 600 days of age.

We also ultrasound scan all bulls and females. Importantly we run these cattle in large management groups and one of the best outcomes for bull buying clients is that they can have faith in the accuracy of data from herds like Clunie Range.

There is a genuine passion and belief in what we do and how we do it. We also have placed enormous emphasis on fertility over many generations, and our consulting vet who is exposed to our entire operation  through pregnancy testing and our regular semen and morphology testing of all bulls as well as a number of our clients continues to be impressed with the fertility levels in females and bulls.
It is a result of our balanced breeding program and constant pressure to perform over numerous generations that gives us and our clients confidence in our cattle.

The fertility results are achieved in real commercial conditions, and we think this is important. Some herds quote fanastic fertility rates from cow herds that have calves weaned off early, or fat and on highly productive improved pastures or silage and grain assisted. The results we achieve are from cows that are run at higher stocking rates then most, and body condition varies greatly with the season.

A recent development of technology is that ther has now been tests developed to find carriers of some recessive gene conditions within the Angus breed such as AM, and NH.
Clunie Range has DNA tested all sale bulls to date and provided that information to clients.


 Continuing to Focus on Carcass Quality

  • Proven track record of producing lines of high value carcases;
  • Proven track record of consistency;
  • Understanding of the relationship between the live animal and resultant carcase quality;
  • Databank of feedlot performance and carcase feedback;
  • Retained ownership;
  • Branded Beef Programs;
  • Market versatility.

Carcass quality of our herd is something we feel passionately about. Here at Clunie Range we have a history steeped in branded beef programs, retained ownership and heavy involvement within all areas of the Beef production chain which has seen a large bank of carcase feedlot performance data related directly to our sire lines.


Testimonials … Don’t just take it from us!

“Bindaree Beef Group have a number of key quality beef brands highly recognised in both domestic and international meat markets. We have had a long association with Clunie Range Angus and their clients. We acknowledge the quality of the cattle and the high levels of marbling regularly obtained.” – Andrew McDonald, CEO Bindaree Beef Group 

“We processed Clunie Range cattle exclusively for many years, and built a client base that appreciated the consistency in quality, high levels of marbling and yield through the boning room” – Jason Kim, Korean Meat Importer


Golden Angus

Our balanced breeding program we think places herds like Clunie Range in a very strong position moving into the future.

We have sufficient size to make genetic progress quickly and having a commercial herd run side by side with the stud cattle allows us to see those genetics perform on grass, in the feedlot and also on the hook.

Our commercial cattle are also single sire joined and individually identified and while we don’t routinely collect birthweights on the commercial cattle we do record birthdates and sire and dam info. Through Our commercial herd we have been able to build a huge databank of data that allows us to fine tune our breeding selection.

Also our association with the Golden Angus brand has allowed us a unique opportunity to follow large numbers of steers through the feedlot, and have been able to follow these steers on an individual basis and collect birth to feedlot entry performance, feedlot performance, and carcase data including, EMA, Marble score and meat fat colour etc all related to individual animals. Our experience has allowed us to actually do what most seedstock producers talk about or would like
to do.

We run relatively large synchronised AI programs and use mostly yearling bulls as back-up bulls. We have been hit hard in our area with extensive drought years and as a result of our operation being basically a commercial herd we have had some impact on our AI and ET results.