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Commercial Benefits

“A few examples of what Clunie Range blood steers can do…”

Congratulations to

Clunie Range First Class F526 was one of 40 elite sires represented in the Angus Society sire benchmarking project cohort 3.

First Class Performance in cohort 3 Clunie Range First Class F526 was one of 40 elite sires represented in the Angus Society sire benchmarking project cohort 3.

We are excited with the results just released. The society ranked the performance of the progeny. Clunie Range First Class F526 was ranked number 1 for 200 day growth. Number 5 for 400 day growth and number 1 for 600 day growth.

Adding to the explosive growth, First Class was also ranked number 3 for Eye Muscle area and 7th and 9th respectively for Rib Fat and Rump Fat. We are wrapped with that performance Angus Australia.

A quality line of 77 Angus x Santa steers weighing 192kg (7 –8 months old) have made $3.75/kg.

Congratulations to Steve Wilkins and his team from JH Fairfax & son “Kioma”Toobeah Qld, selling through Elders Goondiwindi. Exclusively using Clunie Range Bulls for many years, they have yet again rang the bell on Auctions Plus.
A quality line of 77 Angus x Santa steers weighing 192kg (7 –8 months old) have made $3.75/kg.
While we cant confirm that its a national record accross all markets – it is the highest c/kg price for steers that has been reported on auctions plus – so what a great result.
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11th of May, 2015

Congratulations to Hanuta Pty Ltd – on selling 109 steers on auctionsplus 21st October 2011 – weighing 279.7kg and making a whopping $795 per head or $2.84/kg

Congratulations to Hanuta Pty Ltd – on the easter auctionsplus sale Thursday 21st April 2011 – selling 63 PTIC Angus cows for $1405 per head.

Sapphire City weaner sale

Clunie Range clients had a great day out at the Sapphire City Weaner Sale held at Inverell on the 14th April 2011.

• Champion pen of steers was Alan and Elisabeth Ubergang “Blue Nobby” Station North Star for their black baldy steers. Weighing 320kg they made $830 per head. Another pen of Angus/Braford steers weighed 318kg and achieved $842 per head

• Champion pen of Heifers was awarded to Geoff and Vicki Smith, Dalkeith Warialda

• Nicky Denham, Tinga sold heifers weighing 265kg for $760A number of other clients also achieved some great results

A number of other clients also achieved some great results – Congratulations to all!

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Graham and Rosemary Moore from Wellengrove, well known for their successful Wellengrove Border Leicster stud. Graham travels extensively with both his own stud and for judging duties. As well as his obvious success in this sector, they run a high performing quality herd of Angus cattle and have been regular buyers of Clunie Range bulls for many years. He has also fed numerous steers through the Golden Angus program and a snippet of some recent results are as follows:

  • Lot 826 -40 steers exit wt 781kg. Heaviest steer 892kg, with a carcase wt 513.5kg and 25mm fat.
  • Lot 284 – 44 steers (320 days on feed) average live wt on exit 812kg. Average hot wt 463.9kg. Heaviest steer 928kg live, dressed 58.3% to produce a carcase of 541kg with 31mm fat and ADG 1.32kg/day. Great result for length of time on feed.
  • Lot 678 – 130 steers fed on a shortfed program ADG 2.18kg/day

A Clunie Range Steer

  • A Clunie Range steer (pictured right) from our own commercial herd exiting the feedlot at 918kg, 502.5kg HSCW 1.66kg/day for 270 days on feed. Exceptional performance!
    This steer was by Clunie Range Xclusive X33 who has bred extremely well for us.

Ian Mulchay selling Clunie Range blood steers at Warwick saleyards through George and Furnham. The calves were offered cents per kg liveweight, from aged calves weighed 130kg and made $3.06kg/live and Ian was happy to let us know how happy he was Darren and Adrian Lane topping the Dunedoo sale in February 2011
for Clunie Range blood steers. In Feb & March 2011 the
same vendor sold 78 steers for an average of $2.86
for an average of 240kg.

Weaners from O’Connors | A line of 257 weaners sold for backgrounding on the liverpool plains

Clive and Margaret O’Connor at Guyra, have been buying Clunie Range bulls exclusively for several years and have been really impressed with the results!

Clunie Range Titanic T21 (pictured below) just celebrated his 11th birthday at “Bymaree” Jondoryan Qld. He has done it tough through his fair share of droughts. Rod and Mary Logan have enjoyed great success with Clunie Range bulls over the years and have also been sourcing Clunie Range blood steers for backgrounding on their Darling Downs property.


Alan Gilogly, runs 1700 cows has his own feedlot and loves our cattle. His success appeared in an article The Land – Thursday July 2010. (Articles below – click to enlarge)


Clunie Range Xtractor X60, was featured in a flier produced by Landfall in Tasmania, which they have used heavily and sold several sons at their sale again this year. Image of the Bull is below along with the flier.