– Integrity, Consistency and Performance –


We have strong loyal support from a high percentage of repeat buyers and sell a large number of bulls all around north west NSW and well as all over Queensland to places like Richmond, Cloncurry, Hughenden, as far South as Tasmania, and also to Western Australia, and many places in between.


A43I8254Because of the staunch belief in running cattle in large management groups to obtain meaningful and accurate performance data, the stud has done very little showing. One exception early was the entering of Clunie Range Regency into the inaugural New England Angus Breeders Bull Futurity. A high entry fee ensured only quality bulls were entered and after reaching the final, where every entrant was then allowed to vote, R10 was awarded the best bull, and prize money of $10,000.

Regency R10 was the result of a flush out of an outstanding Farrer matron Naomi N8, by a bull that has made an outstanding contribution to the Angus breed Bando 598. As well as producing this one outstanding bull, the same flush produced 3 outstanding females that kept the Naomi line constantly producing outstanding cattle.

Also in our first attempt we entered a very strong and well run beef breederscompetition that was supported by ABC rural radio and many others, and judged by two highly regarded beef cattle industry experts in Michael Beer and Alistair Raynor.

This created interest in our herd at the same time and gave us an opportunity to showcase our herd and breeding program to many people. Comments from the judges included “overall an extremely smart operation”, “You can be commended on the balance between sound breeding objectives and maintaining a functional herd in your environment”.
“your herd was one of the outstanding herds presented”.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have attracted a large client base of genuine cattle breeders that are looking for both type and performance. Our two highest priced bulls have also performed very well for their new owners. Zanzibar Z18 (pictured) selling for $22,000 and Clunie Range First Class F526 selling for $27,000.

Brett’s strong involvement and understanding of the then emerging Korean beef market, we commenced working with a Korean company in 2000 and developed the Golden Angus brand and we have been proud of what we were able to achieve. We never used the brand as a gimmick, but rather we developed a brand that was based on controlling as many of the variables factors that contribute to maintain the integrity of a perishable product. Clunie Range as well as significant numbers of clunie range clients have fed thousands of steers for up to 300 days on grain. By using the same genetics, controlling the feeding regimes and the processing and export, and distribution in Korea, the brand quickly became popular because of the consistent quality, and the story behind the concept as well as the direct interaction with the end-user. We have built up an enormous database of information and also have had a positive impact on clients and their ability to meet strict market criteria.