LD Capitalist 316

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A bull that is ‘Phenotypically phenomenal’. Capitalist is heavy muscled, bold ribbed and super sound footed with excellent calving ease. A very powerful bull!

Clunie Range Legend L348

Clunie Range Legend L348 – contracted in the ABS stable, he has been described by other breeders as being one of the thickest Angus bulls ever. He has great structure and is deep and wide standing. Legend scanned with an… Continue reading

Matauri Reality 839

Reality is rated by Matauri as the most versatile Sire to have been used in the 50 years. He is sound footed with impeccable disposition and amazing constitution. His dam has perfect udder quality and structure. His docile… Continue reading

K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y

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Joe Canada is producing more moderate framed sized progeny with extra muscle, thickness and added maternal ability. The calves are born light at birth (safe for virgin heifers) but grow quickly to weaning. After weaning, their growth… Continue reading

Basin Payweight 107S

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A high performance bull that will add uniformity and length to your calf drops. His dam is the best known daughter of Basin Lucy 178E. He adds performance, muscle and carcass weight in a moderate framed package.

Musgrave Mediator

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A heavy muscled bull with strong efficiency, docility and fertility values. Offering added growth, marbling and maternal value to a herd.