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Clunie Range have a background in retained ownership, relationships with processors, feedlotters and corperate ag. Clunie Range has several exciting programs underway that are all about securing genuine usable data for improving their genetics even further. 

Clunie Range has built a reputation over the years for breeding cattle 'made of tough stuff' and it seems accepted in the marketplace that Clunie cattle do perform in some tough environments, but the herd is also known for performing in the boning room - with years of data built from paddock to plate branded beef programs. It's a flow on from the Clunie Range type being deep-bodied, thickset cattle with great length equating to high carcase yield. 

Carcase quality has always been at the forefront of the breeding philosophy and it's a shared passion of the family. Individual carcases obtaining marble scores as high as 8 and 9 is a common occurrence for Clunie cattle, but it's the larger lines of consistency marbled carcases which really appeals to the Clunie team! 



We are lucky to have a following of genuine cattle breeders that are highly regarded in their own right. Anyone following our program closely, will see a who's who of the cattle industry regularly attending our sale. We are lucky to have our genetics working on a huge scale in many areas, and enjoy fantastic relationships with major industry players that have long recognised our program. 

While Clunie Range have a proven track record across the North, with well over 80% of the bulls finding a new home in QLD & NT. Clunie are proud to have sold into every state in Australia and are always appreciative of local support! 

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Industry Testimonials

OUR STORY: Testimonials
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"We processed Clunie Range cattle exclusively for many years and built a client base that appreciated the consistency in quality, high levels of marbling and yield through the Boning Room"

Korean Meat Exporter

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"We have had a long association with Clunie Range and their clients', we acknowledge the quality of the cattle and the high levels of marbling regularly obtained. Our relationships with suppliers like this are crucial to the future of the beef industry"

CEO Bindaree Beef Group

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"Clunie Range fed a line of 120 heifers at Freestone for an average of 100 days. The quality of the heifers created considerable interest with visitors. The entire mob averaged 2.31kg per head, per day after 100 days. The dressed equivalent of 56.6% from an empty exist weight. The consistency of the mob was impressive and the heifers were a pleasure to handle and performance was excellent, marbling as high as score 6."

Freestone Feedlot Manager

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